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Marmaray Stamp

Turkishstamps Marmaray Stamp
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Turkey Stamp - 90th Year of Turkish Republic

Turkey Stamp 29.10.2013 - 90th Year of Turkish Republic
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Turkey Stamp 22.10.2013- PTT Stamp Museum

Turkey Stamp 22.10.2013 - PTT Stamp Museum

150th Anniversary of Turkish Stamps

Turkey Stamp 14.01.2013 - 150th Anniversary of Turkish Stamps
The first Ottoman Empire stamp was printed in the Darphane-i Amire and released or sale on January 13, 1863. The stamps that were printed in the period of Postmaster Agah Efendi, were made using the black lithography on white paper technique with paint applied to them by sponge and they were prepared without perforations. Stamp production started with the lithography technique and progressed to typography, plate print, photogravure over time and from 1941 to 2011 offset printing was used and starting in the year 2011 the digital printing technique was used to print stamps within the capacity of the Post and Telegraph Organization. As of 2009, in order to meet the need for perforation variety and increased security features, special perforations started to be used. Turkish Stamps, which have a 150 year history, feature Turkey's history,culture,touristic assets an famous individuals therefore shedding light on economical and social events. They have been created by expert hands to reach world standarts and continue on this path with an innovative approach towards following the latest technological developments. In memory of the 150th year of Turkish Stamps Post and Telegraph Organization has presented for sale a commemorative block of 4 gilded and embossed stamps including some octagonal stamps and a commemorative gilded and embossed block with serial numbers from 1 to 4.000 that will be released into circulation on the same date.